Irlantilais-suomalainen taidenäyttely /


Irish Festival in Finland tarjoaa tänä vuonna musiikin lisäksi kuvataidetta. Neljä irlantilaista taiteilijaa, Margaret Tuffy, Ger Sweeney, David Dunne ja Stephen Rinn sekä kaksi irlantilaistunutta suomalaista taiteilijaa Harrier Leander ja Tuija Varjoranta esittävät töitään Galleria Dixissä Helsingissä.
Suomalaisten ja irlantilaisten taiteiljoiden kontaktit ovat pitkään olleet lämpimiä ja irlantilaiset taiteilijat ovat pitäneet näyttelyjä Suomessa ja päinvastoin.
Näyttely esittelee Irlannin kuvataidetta monipuolisesti ja innostavasti.

Art from Ireland

These six visual artists have been drawn together by their mutual interaction both on a social level and a work ethos over the past fourteen to sixteen years.
Ireland being such a small and intimate country artists cannot but engage in a creative way in all levels of dialogue and discussion whether making or exhibiting their art

Certain influences within the Irish culture have been a major spring-board for the inspiration of art in Ireland, none less than the landscape itself its history and its mythology.
In any case it has been an accepted theory that landscape has an effect on all of us on a conscious or unconscious level.
In this exhibition each artist has a different relationship to these aspects and experiences but expresses them in their own unique way.

Margaret Tuffy and Ger Sweeney were born and brought up in Mayo in the west of Ireland where the landscape is dramatic and effected over each season by wind, rain and light.
Ger has continued to live and work there and his paintings are a visual dialogue where elements of landscape are combined with aspects of abstraction resulting in paintings that are a fusion of colour, texture and light.

Margaret on the other hand has found new roots in Dublin where she works from her studio in Temple Bar and in her current art practice is dealing with the phenomenon of breath and breathing.
Her small blown-glass forms symbolize breath and were created in an effort to give form to it and were conceived and created to evoke thoughts on life’s circumstances, on the city environment and on health and our own choices in life.

Tuija Varjoranta and Harriet Leander, both born in Helsinki, have chosen the west of Ireland as their current place to be.

Harriet having arrived in Galway by a circuitous journey through Sweden, France and Switzerland has worked through the mediums of oil painting and photo-lens work and has found inspiration in the light on the Galway landscape and in organic and found materials which form a beauty of their own as they become part of the landscape in their process of decay.

After study and living on the East Coast Tuija revisited Galway to make new work there, responding intuitively to her strong attraction to nature.
She has found that being in the rhythms of the nature generates for her a fascination for the process of living and dying and this process is mirrored in her small paintings by the mood and colour.

David Dunne and Stephen Rinn also work from studios in Dublin.
Both of them were born brought up and studied in the environment of this city of writers, poets and Artists.

Stephan has formed his own personal vocabulary of gestures and mark-making that suggest location, rather than a re-creation of it.    His abstract landscapes are a narrative in strong contrasts, colour, shadow and light.   They spring from the essence of his surroundings. The sea, sky, fields, cliffs, rocks, walls and doors all play a composite roll in his work.   

David Dunne has gone further a-field for inspiration for themes in respect of his art practice and one significant area of his inquiry has been with issues surrounding the holocaust and genocide.
Investigating these has taken him to specific sites though-out Eastern Europe.




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