Branka Lugonja
1.12. – 22.12.2010 


I was born in 1968 in former Yugoslavia, and lived since 1993 in Spandet near Ribe in Denmark until we moved to Slagelse in 2007.

I have been working with glass since 1996. The technique with which I work is kiln- or oven-formed glass, which is also called cold technique. Float glass (window glass) is cut, ground, washed, painted, and fired in ceramic forms at 700–950 degrees Celsius, depending on size, thickness, shape, color, etc.

Because I work mostly alone in my workshop, I have a great deal of time to analyze everything around me. Especially human life and form provide inspiration. Much of what I analyze is reflected in the things that I make. In short, I have found myself in my work.

The works made here in the workshop in Slagelse are sold to various applied arts stores and galleries in Denmark and Norway. At the same time my glass art is presented among other things in different exhibitions, including in the following locations:

Weaving Workshop in Suldrup, Denmark
Fussingø Estate in Fussingø, Denmark
Kreativ in Skjern, Denmark
Commissioned as the prize for the “Car of the Century”
Troldahl Design in Fjerritslev, Denmark
Viking Museum in Ribe, Denmark
Træskofabrikken in Silkeborg, Denmark
Ecco Shoes in Tønder, Denmark
High School, Esbjerg, Denmark
Permanent exhibition in Hovborg Kro, Hovborg, Denmark
Ribe Country, Denmark
Library in Tinglev, Denmark
Bramming Museum
Ribe Art Museum “Cellar Gallery”
Novemberdream, Ameland, Holland
Samain Guest and Conference House in Loose bei Eckernförde, Germany
Galleri Patricia in Esbjerg, Denmark
Red Tower in Slagelse, DK
National Museet Artsociety Copenhagen
Slagelse Hospital Slagelse
DS Artsociety Charlottelund
Købmandsgården Skælskør
Køge Hospital Køge
Gallery Hamnen, Viken, Sweden

Bygdeutstillinga i Åseral, Norway


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